Visual Miscellaneum Book Giveaway Results

Last week I announced that I'm giving away two copies of the prettiest book that's ever graced my coffee table, The Visual Miscellaneum by David McCandless. I loved your comments! Some of my favorites: VisualMisc

  • Mark KS - Linked to Hans Rosling's TED Talk (uses "cool data tools to show how countries are pulling themselves out of poverty")
  • Ryan - "I'm not sure this book would be suitable for my coffee table which currently features Men's Health, ESPN the Mag, and Maxim Magazine. I can't afford for people to realize I'm a dork - that would totally ruin the image I've so carefully crafted" (I don't know Ryan, I think the cat's already out of the bag...)
  • Kristi R - "I think I might die and go to heaven if I'm ever fortunate enough to get people to send me books for free because I blog." (Yes! It will happen - so set up that blog and send me the link ASAP!)
  • David - "You get nerdier and nerdier every day. The nerdiness never ends. It's hot." (Thank you - I take that as the highest compliment!)
  • Elisa - "Is there a chart in there for dating and love? If someone could break that down into a bar graph or something for me I'd be eternally grateful." (Me too! I'd like some dating/love decision matrices that are masked in pretty colors to make the fact that I'm referencing them less depressing.)
  • Royce - "That book is awesome. Is it nerdy if I would open that book up to appreciate the graphs and images, even if I completely ignored the actual content of those graphs? Too nerdy?" (Never! Nothing is ever too nerdy in my neck of the woods).
  • Catherine - "I like lists, I like random facts, I like to organize, well, just about everything. But, to see such things in pretty graphical form?!? Sounds like my version of nerd heaven!" (Mine too - cheers!)

And without further ado - with screenshots from - congrats to Valerie M. and Doniree for winning the book giveaway!