I'm running out of cupcakes...

Courtesy of ObsessedWithCupcakes (Flickr) ...to thank you with!

Ryan Stephens just posted his Top 10 Gen Y Blogs list for December, and I am thrilled to say that Life After College is in the number one spot! When my friend Elisa emailed to tell me the news, my heart started pounding. I looked over both shoulders, like "me? really?" and then started jumping up and down like a school girl.

I just wanted to write a quick post to say thank you SO much to all of you for sticking around, reading my blog, and for inspiring me to keep going. Special thanks to everyone who voted too.

I am humbled to be in great company.  If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check-out the rest of the blogs on the list - they are all worthy of the top spot. I am lucky to call many of these fellow Top 10 bloggers close friends: OwlSparks, Life Without Pants, Sydney: Unfiltered, Life’s Like a Box of Chocolates, Small Hands, Big Ideas, Ophelia’s Webb, Location 180, The Rest is Still Unwritten & Thrilling Heroics.

Finally, here is the great blurb Ryan put together for Life After College (and yes - he really did call to congratulate me "IRL"):

1.) Life After College – Jenny’s mission is to provide simple, practical tips that help you focus on the BIG picture of your life…not just the details. Find tips and resources for life, work, money, happiness, productivity, personal growth and more.

Admittedly, I’ve been anticipating Jenny’s ascension to the top for few months now. I suspect it was only a matter of time. Quickly becoming famous (in our insular world) for her nifty templates/guides, Jenny does so much more. For one, though I haven’t met her I can assure you she’s real (just read the post).

I don’t know if it’s because she gets to hang around smart people at Google all day, but sometimes it just feels like Jenny knows something I don’t (aside from what a red velvet cupcake tastes like). For about 3 seconds it makes me want to live vicariously through her until I read that I should Stop Audition for Other People’s Lives.” Told you she was smart. Like Sydney, she manages to mix in a few dating posts. But most importantly, she takes great pride in convincing the most charismatic bloggers in the world to guest post for her. (What? My fingers are tired. I deserved that plug!)

Congrats Jenny! And to everyone who made the final Top 10 Gen Y Blog List of the Year (and in this format)! I’m off to call Jenny and congratulate her, seriously.

Virtual hugs and cupcakes to all of you! Thanks again :)