Life After College Launch: Mid-Week Report

Jenny Blake Book Signing At Keplers - Life After College My heart is exploding with gratitude right much that I can barely find the words to express a proper thank you.

Even amidst the thrilling chaos of launch day, I left the house (points!) to go for a run (double points!) and had a moment where I realized that Tuesday was THE proudest day of my life.

Partly because of the book being officially launched and unleashed to the world. Partly because it skyrocketed up to the top #1,000 on Amazon (#747 to be exact). But mostly because I felt such a sense of pride and overwhelming gratitude at the outpouring of support and community. I am truly honored and humbled.

Because of you: the book shot up to #750 overall on launch day, and peaked at #11 in Career guides! Because of you: countless friends, family members, Facebook readers and Twitter followers heard about the book and checked it out. Because of you: there are nearly 40 Amazon reviews to encourage those on the fence to buy the book (including an awesome video review from Marc Luber of Careers Out There!).

1. In other fun news:

2. Here are some behind-the-scenes screenshots of the statistics I see on my Author's Central page on Amazon:

Statistics as of 10pm on March 30:

Sales over the last month: up and to the right, a very good thing! (Click to enlarge)

P.S. Amazon is tricky, huh? Their graph makes it look like my book is at #1 even though it's #834. But hey, out of 8 million that's not too shabby!

3. I still need your help in two major ways:

  1. Launch Week Push until Monday -- If you have the book on your wishlist and plan on buying it eventually, please buy it between now and Monday! Launch week, from Tuesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 5, is the best chance I have at making a bestseller list. Every book counts. If you're on the fence, check out some of the great Amazon reviews -- I know you won't be disappointed, and the book is currently selling for less than $9!
  2. Speaking of Amazon -- I still have a goal to get to 100 reviews by Friday (we're in great shape at 38!). If you have a copy of the book, I would be thrilled if you could leave an honest Amazon review sharing your thoughts -- social proof is an amazing motivator for those who don't know me (or my work) to get their own copy.

4. Coaching Giveaway -- Reminder from Tuesday:

Two readers will win an autographed copy of Life After College: The Complete Guide To Getting What You Want and a 45-minute private coaching session ($300 value!) to help you find clarity and inspiration around whatever topic you choose.

Giveaway Rules: Each of the actions below equals 1 or 2 entries. After you’ve completed one or more, leave a comment on Tuesday's post telling me how many entries you’ve earned (we’re on the honor system here!):

  1. Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #LACBook – 1 Entry
  2. Share this post on Facebook – 1 Entry
  3. “Like” the Life After College Facebook Page – 1 Entry
  4. Let me know you are subscribed to the Inside Scoop newsletter – 2 Entries
  5. Write an honest review on (obviously only if you have already read the book!) – 2 Entries
  6. Copy and paste this template email to let your networks know about the book – 3 Entries

The contest ends on Wednesday, April 3rd at 5pm PST.

5. Reader Testimonials...with pictures!

I've seen other authors do this and I think it's a great way to share excitement about the book, put faces to readers' names, and cross-promote all of you! If you send me a picture of you with the book and a testimonial (send to lifeaftercollege [at] gmail [dot] com), I'll tack them on to the footer of my posts. This week we kick of with Bradley Will of Forward Looking Entrepreneurship!

From Bradley:

"I wish this came out 5 years ago ('s been that long). It would have saved me a lot of time and struggles!"

Thanks again for an amazing launch week everyone!! I can certifiably say I'm the happiest I've ever been...thanks to you. :)