In the Midst of a Major Career Change? Modify this Email Template and Send it to Your Network

Anyone who has made a major career change knows it can be an overwhelming, frustrating, long-haul process. It will challenge you to be bold, to ask for help, to wade through the mud in your mind as you navigate your way toward a more fulfilling future. Many of my coaching clients come to me when they've hit a ceiling in their career and are ready to make a big change. But how?! they ask, afriad that it won't be possible.

HOW can be a daunting word if asked to early in the process. Besides, as many of you long-time readers know, in Jenny Blake Land: there's a template for that.

Enter The Network Email Mad Lib Template

This isn't about cheesy networking or making a land-grab for contacts on LinkedIn.

First, it's absolutely critical to get clear on what you want, and what you bring to the table. If you're stuck, start by approaching your career like a caveman. Then move on to the Plan Your Next Career Move template and the Job Interview One Sheeter (the latter alone has been downloaded 20K times and helped many a reader land a new gig!).

Once you know what qualities of your ideal job or client would float your boat AND what strengths and superpowers make you stand out, it's time to let your inner circle know.

Today's template is about making a very clear, direct statement about what you're looking for so that others in your network can help keep their eyes and ears open for you. Even if they don't have an opening, they may hear of something a few weeks down the line.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Personalize the Network Email Mad Lib Template to send to your existing network when you’re ready to put the word out about what you’re looking for. Keep it as concise and specific as possible.

  2. Double-and-triple check: Make sure you double-check that all red {FILL INs} are removed.

  3. Ask for feedback: Have a few trusted friends read it over for grammar, clarity and impact. Would they hire you? Make sure your talking points are specific and differentiate you from the pack — if you're not sure what your particular strengths are, this is where your close friends can provide great outside perspective.

  4. Send! Put your email address in the TO field and make sure you put your recipients in the BCC field so that they don’t get spammed if someone hits “reply all.”

Network Email MadLib Template

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