The Team Grows! Introducing Marisol & Davis

As Life After College enters it's seventh year of blog life, I'm excited to expand the team a bit further this year, but with very focused, intentional growth. Not to be confused with other mega career hubs with dozens of contributors, Life After College is still a small family . . . hand-picked with love! Last year I brought on Paul and Melissa, who knocked it outta the park with posts like 7 Habits of Highly Miserable 20-Somethings and Success in Different Shades; this year we add two more awesome team members to help with Content & Community Management.

Introducing Marisol and Davis!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Marisol and Davis, two Yale seniors who hosted me for a Masters Tea on campus back in November. They're brilliant, passionate, motivated, and both long-time LAC readers. One thing led to another, and now they'll be helping to shepherd Life After College into it's next phase!

Melissa, Paul and I ("the alumni") will continue writing once a month from our - ahem - more seasoned 30-something perspective, and Marisol and Davis ("the senior class") will bring in a fresh perspective for recent grads.

A few more updates: Newsletters & RSS

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And now, a little more about each of our new team members . . . 

About Davis Nguyen

Davis Nguyen
Davis Nguyen

Rejection is a hobby . . . at least if you’re Davis Nguyen. He believes that rejection and failure are just normal parts of life, but they should never paralyze you from pursuing your goals. Davis is not timid about cold-emailing people he admires for advice, asking for a discount at the Supermarket, or approaching strangers to ask them to “pick a card.” Because you never know who might say “yes."

Each rejection is a step towards success. Davis received over 200 scholarship rejections while applying for college, but along the way, he also earned enough “yeses” that are allowing him to graduate debt-free.

In 2013, he joined the Quiet Revolution with Susan Cain, his hero and role model, and her business partner to change how the world views introversion; incidentally, Susan and Davis met after a cold-email exchange.

Davis dreams of being a bestselling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and GQ cover model (the last one being the most important…obviously). In his free time, Davis enjoys going to the gym, reading his weight in books, having long meals with friends, watching romantic comedies, traveling, learning new card tricks, playing poker, and of course, seeing how many new ways he can be rejected.

Davis writes about improving social confidence at Speak for the Meek. You can reach him at davis.duong.nguyen [at] or by following him on Twitter @speakforthemeek.

About Marisol Dahl

Marisol Dahl
Marisol Dahl

Marisol is currently a Sociology and Education Studies major at Yale University. A longtime New Yorker, she is interested in pursuing a career in education and child advocacy.

Marisol is a board member of the Leadership Institute at Yale, acting as director of a leadership education program for undergraduates. She is also a proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, serving as the 2013 Zeta Xi chapter treasurer and as the 2014 Vice President of Organization.

Marisol started her blog in 2011 as a way to document her college years and beyond. When not running around campus and catching up with her school reading, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading dystopian fiction and volunteering in her community.

She can be reached on Twitter at @marisoldahl.

A Video Hello from Both

Their 4-minute video hello gave me a big smile — don't miss the bloopers starting around 2:50!

[youtube id="DHp1I6zJklY"]

Please help give Marisol and Davis a warm welcome to the LAC Team!