Video Post: Headed out! See you in November...

Happy Fall everyone! First, thank you for the incredibly thoughtful birthday comments on how Life After College has helped or inspired you. I am so humbled. Those comments really were (and continue to be) like little presents landing in my inbox! Reading them all at once brought tears to my eyes, as if the Internet - friends old and new - just reached out and gave me a giant bear hug. I am so lucky. Thank you! A Bon Voyage Video (I know, I'm so dramatic - it's only 16 days)

Starting October 16 I will be living in a yurt, totally unplugged (and that includes coffee) while completing Yoga Teacher Training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara -- a major item on my life checklist (blank templates here if you want to create your own.) Below is a short 2-minute video and book update.

Video side note: I meant to say I can't remember the last time I've been unplugged for 16 days in a row. Last time I was gadget-free altogether was for the 5-day yoga/rafting trip in July (see 20 Life Lessons I Learned on the Rogue River).

Quick book update: we're in the home stretch!

On Friday I shipped my full set of (hand-written) edits on the design proof back to Running Press. In case you missed the pictures on Facebook and Twitter, you can get a sneak peek of some of the inside pages here. Next steps are finalizing the cover, and the inside/back cover copy. It is crazy to think that after almost 2 years of working on this book I am in the last 2 weeks of having a say on how it turns out.

It terrifies me a little bit to be away from my email, phone and laptop for so long, especially when I'm in the final two weeks of book edits, but that's exactly why this trip will be a much-needed getaway. I'm as excited about learning how to slow down as I am about deepening my yoga practice and learning how to teach (hoping to work with teen girls someday soon, just like my girl Doniree).

Want to know more about the book process? Read about my fears, insecurities, general neurosis and exciting developments in my Inside Scoop book updates archive -- there is a box to subscribe on the left.

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See you all in early November! Watch lots of football, carve a few pumpkins, drink coffee, crunch some leaves and eat lots of yummy cupcakes for me while I'm gone. :)


P.S. Please help my awesome friend Elisa land a writing gig with your vote! You don't even need to register or sign-up :) Since I will be away from my computer, I can't support her with votes every day the way that I would want to. Would you sub for me by voting here? Thank you!